European Studies Programme "Approaching the European Union"




  • Commission representation offices
    The Commission representation offices act as the Commission’s voice and monitor public opinion in their host country. They provide information on the EU through events and the distribution of brochures, leaflets and other materials.
  • Parliament Information offices
    The European Parliament has an Information office in every Member State. Their role is to raise awareness of the European Parliament and the European Union and to encourage people to vote in European parliamentary elections. What does that mean in practice?
    The information offices:
    - answer questions from the public about the European Parliament and EU policies; provide citizens with information and materials and organise presentations and debates on European topics
    - organise press briefings and keep the media informed of news from the Parliament
    - work closely with teachers and academic organisations and provide educational resources
    - develop links with professional groups, companies, non-governmental organisations and anyone else who has an interest in European affairs and the role of the European Parliament.