European Studies Programme 'The European Union in Crisis'



  • roundtable with a representative of the Bavarian government or parliament
  • a city walk in Munich
  • day trip to Salzburg (Austria) 

Short description of course content

Time and again, national particularities appear to be at odds with the common interests. Domestically, public opinion has become less favourable with regard to European cooperation than it had been in the past, with the United Kingdom having decided to exit the Union. Internationally, the EU is triggered to re-consider its global role given the current US administration’s isolationist tendencies.

Against this background, the summer academy also analyses the EU’s handling of its different recent crises and discusses the prospects and challenges for finding a new rationale for European Integration. It thereby relates to the broader debates on the future of Europe and recent academic accounts analyzing the likeliness of ‘disintegration’.

For further information, please see the program's Syllabus and Schedule (will be uploaded soon).